Premium incentives improve employee retention and business success

Magmapool AG develops online incentive portals to motivate employees and manage sales. We support your company with everything from tailor-made IT development to fast logistical processes.

Thanks to individual advice provided by our business intelligence, marketing and sales experts, we can predict which measures and rewards will make the most of your budget to help you motivate your staff and sales teams to give their best performance.


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Employee Motivation:
Why incentives motivate
more effectively than money


Incentivizing staff with money can promote a short-term increase in motivation, however, any benefits relating to the business and an emotional connection for the staff fall short in the long-term. Not only are the benefits of cash-based bonuses limited to the short-term, they also tend to get swallowed up by household expenses rather than building strong connections between effort, reward, and the company.


Scientific studies have shown that using incentives as rewards for outstanding achievements conveys praise, recognition, and appreciation. This emotional currency leads to sustaining performance motivation and strong employee loyalty. We help with the implementation of our special incentive system for employee motivation.

How to reach your
company goals

Employee retention with Magmapool

Employee retention

Would you like to have motivated, enthusiastic, and loyal employees? We assist you with employee retention. Express your appreciation, for example, when your employees show outstanding performances, through netcentive®, our reward system for employees.

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Sales management

Would you like to increase your sales? As experts in incentive systems and business intelligence, we would be happy to advise you on profit-oriented sales management with the help of our reward system netcentive®.

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Sales managament with Magmapool
Boost client loyalty with incentives

Client loyalty

Satisfied customers happily come back for more. Our incentive portal netcentive® is the ideal incentive tool. Thank your clients for a successful collaboration or kick off a new project or even give them a gift for Christmas. Customer loyalty made easy with Magmapool.

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Reward programs

Are you searching for Christmas gifts for employees or clients? Allow them to choose their own gift online at our incentive shop with over 4,000 exclusive products. We organize the reward programs for you.

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Reward programs with Magmapool

Case Studies

Wondering what a reward system looks like when fully implemented in a company? Read our case studies to uncover some of our success stories in employee retention and sales management.
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