Long-term client loyalty
for B2B

Corporate success is not only defined by winning new clients. Only those who invest effectively in customer loyalty can act economically and with an eye on the future.

Magmapool’s client loyalty program is based on the positive effects of the reward: Our premium shop netcentive® offers exclusive premium incentives with which you can reward your clients for their loyalty and a trusting partnership.

Effective measure of customer loyalty

Reward as an effective client loyalty measure

Long-lasting client relationships are the foundation for good sales and sustainable growth. In the B2B market, every single client is integral to the success of the company. Today, client satisfaction involves more than generating loyalty. Therefore, individual incentive systems are more important than ever to reward long-term client loyalty.

Show appreciation with premium incentives

With an exclusive incentive from our incentive shop netcentive®, you can show your clients and business partners appreciation and honor their loyalty, e.g. on special occasions such as Christmas or anniversaries.

About the incentive shop

Customer loyalty with more than 4000 incentives
Collaboration with Magmapool

Achieving goals together

We help you to plan and efficiently implement individual client loyalty measures. We analyze the current situation in detail and develop a sophisticated concept so that you can achieve your company’s goals.

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