Employee retention with incentives

Employee retention:
Incentives for employees ensure maximum performance

Attracting and retaining new employees is becoming increasingly important. Valuing employees is the key to your success.

A business that recognizes exceptional performance with premium incentives, will motivate in the long run, promote emotional attachment to the company, and strengthen employee satisfaction. Whether regularly or on special occasions – together we can find out which employee retention measure is the best for your business.

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How can netcentive®
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Enlarge employee retention

Retaining employees

Only satisfied employees will remain loyal. Show your appreciation, for example for outstanding work, at Christmas or birthdays. With premium incentives, trips, or experiences, you bind your employees emotionally to your business and increase their loyalty. At the same time, you will also reduce staff turnover.

Employee motivation and improving

When someone does a good job, he or she will be delighted with a “thank you”. Rewards promote employee motivation and commitment. In that way, a kind gesture improves results and increases your company’s value.

Strong employee motivation
Optimize the recruiting

Attract top employees
with your incentive shop

Our netcentive® incentive shop for employess distinguishes your company on the job market. It boosts your attractiveness as an employer and increases the quality and quantity of applicants.

Employees recruit employees: When employees recruit new employees, netcentive® also offers an incentive – for a successful recruitment.

Rewards for
special occasions



Successful completion of projects

Health-conscious & safety-conscious behavior

Exemplary behavior

Taking advantage of training opportunities

Positive appraisals

Personal development

Idea management

Recommending new employees