HR portal for effective employee retention and employee motivation

Employees are a valuable asset in any company. They are hired at great expense and painstakingly trained before becoming an important component of the organization. But how can i continue to motivate my employees for their work in the company? Many employers ask this question. The HR portal from Magmapool provides you with an effective module for employee motivation and employee retention.

The company’s internal HR portal is based on the Magmapool software netcentive® and can be individually adapted to your employees. All important HR functions are integrated into the online portal: tax-free gifts to employees (tax-free contributions), discounted shopping for brand-name products for employees, company health management, team building activities, direct employee communication through theme stages, promotions or mailings, and rewards and trips for performance motivation. The HR portal is motivating, informative and exciting for your employees – and easy for you the employer to manage. A win-win situation for your company.


Dr. Detlev Fey, qualified psychologist and Magmapool chairman

Detlev Fey

Employee retention starts in the brain

We rely on clear psychological mechanisms: everyone is reward-motivated, regardless of age, gender, or their position in the company. Work that is rewarded and recognized is motivating for the employee. Therfore, we recommend special employee incentives that express special appreciation. Such gifts to employees create strong and long-lasting loyalty to your company. These emotional values play a very important role in employee statisfaction and thus also in long-term employee retention.

Compile your web-based HR portal for employeee retention yorself

Simply choose from seven different modules for employee retention / employee motivation:

Special occasions

Special occasions

Use gifts to strenghten the personal connection with your employees: give a stat-subsidized bonus up to €60 (tax-free and social security contribution-free) for their birthday or wedding.

Whether it’s a wedding, the birth of their first child, or a birthday. For these personal events, you can give your employees gifts up to a tax threshold of 60 EUR tax-free and social security contribution-free.

Among the personal evnts approved by the tax office are:

  • Birthday
  • Wedding
  • Baptism of a child
  • Company anniversary
  • and much more

Tax allowance

Tax-free gifts to employees

Take advantage of the statutory tax benefits: earn up to 44 EUR per month tax-free and social security contribution-free for employers and employees.

Your employees can receive 528 EUR per year this way, which they can exchange conveniently in the HR portal for non-monetary or travel bonuses.

  • Pay 44 EUR to employees tax-free in the form of bonus points or in Euro amounts
  • Employees can cash in bonus points or Euro amounts for attractive non-monetary or travel bonuses

Performance-based rewards

Performance-based rewards

for overtime or special commitment

In your company, there are times when special employee commitment is needed. Whether it’s overtime or successful project completions, your employees have an enormous share in the success of your company.

Say “thanks” to your employees in the HR portal and express your appreciation. Reward special commitment such as:

  • Work on Sundays and overtime
  • Successful project completions
  • Special support for colleagues
  • Ideas regarding process optimization, portfolio expansion or product development
  • and much more

Encourage health

Company health management

Establish a special health program in the HR portal.

A healthy employee is a happier, more motivated and more efficient employee. Support your employees with a special health program in the form of company health managament. To do this, you could, for example, invest the monthly tax-free amount of up to €44 or the annual tax-free amoun of €500 in measures to improve employee health. In addition, provide your team with special health bonuses in the HR portal.

Go on the health offensive now:

  • Use tax avantages
  • Sports and fitness bonuses
  • Reward for successfully completing health courses (sports courses, nutrition courses, etc.)

Reward advanced training

Reward advanced training

Reward employees for professional training measures.

The personal and professional development of your employees is important so that your company remains competitive and is equipped for the future.

Reward your employees in the HR portal for professional training measures completed. This also encourages them to continue their education.

  • Bonus points or direct bonuses for completing internal or external training programs
  • Extra points for outstanding success in completing a course
  • Additional points for successful time management

Plan activities

Plan activities

Simply say “thank you”.

Motivate your employees with interactive team activities in the HR portal, such as:

  • The big Easter egg hunt
  • The interactive Advent calendar
  • The FIFA World Cup betting game
  • and much more

It is free for you to set up these 7 modules and an individual company branding.

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