Sales management
with incentives

Sales management isn’t implemented on a purely impersonal level; it is catalyzed by people that invest their time, energy, and passion into what they do – people who are excited to be praised for their good performances. Magmapool offers new impulses in sales motivation. With our incentive shop netcentive®, you can reward your most dedicated sales staff with sales incentives.

With our netcentive® incentive program and process mining, you can optimize and manage your sales in a targeted way. Our business intelligence experts analyze your sales and performance data to find potential for your business to transform into tangible outcomes.

Precise business consulting

Create forecasts & control sales

Intuitive and large-scale sales campaigns are often inefficient. Magmapool provides solutions as a pioneer of “predictive analytics” solutions to control your sales. Our intelligent software detects and mines perfomance processes and evaluates complex patterns in your sales figures. Using these processes, we can accurately predict the success of different measures and determine what return on investment you can expect.

Our sales management software learns from your data

Sales management is continuously optimized with every input into the software – fully automated – while your data is kept safe. Here at Magmapool we meet the highest data protection standards and keep all data on German servers.

Software netcentive sales management

Sales with incentive shop

Sales & rewards: Sales incentives

Sales and rewards go hand in hand. As a portal for sales incentives, we have developed the Magmapool incentive shop netcentive®, in which you will find over 4,000 sales incentives from leading brands.

Information about our incentive shop

With Magmapools
sales management
and netcentive®
you can:

Upgrade performance


Evaluate sales figures and performance and identify hidden potentials

Perform sales campaigns more efficient


Plan and execute successful, targeted sales campaigns

Employee motivation


Motivate and drive employees over the long-term with pinpoint targeting

Reach performance upgrades


Continuously improve performance with our learning system
Incentive shop netcentive from Magmapool